Why Dan Cuprill started Advisor Architect

In 2009, a financial advisor called Dan to request a meeting. To this day, Dan calls him "The Visitor." On the surface, the visitor was a very successful advisor. He had a large client base and generated a great deal of revenue. But by his own admission, his business was a mess:

--High overhead

--Bad employees

--Marketing that no longer worked

--High level of prospect rejection

--Minimal use of automation

--Poor client retention

--No exit strategy

"When compared to a lot of my neighbors, I feel like I have a crappy sales job. I want to be an entrepreneur." The visitor also experienced a fair amount of personal turmoil.

Dan shared with The Visitor the ten systems he uses that allow him to work ON his business, rather than IN it. These systems have enabled Dan to build practice with well over $200 million of assets under management and a profit margin of 60%.

The Visitor pleaded to learn more. So Dan took the time to create a program where any advisor could replicate a similar business. Within three months, 13 advisors signed to become Renegade Advisors, and since then Advisor Architect has helped almost 100 other advisors and attorneys build the practices of their dreams.

Meet Dan Cuprill, CFP©

Dan Cuprill is a Certified Financial Planner (TM) and president of Money & Clarity, a fee based financial advisory firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition, Dan is the founder of Advisor Architect, a systems implementation firm dedicated to helping financial advisors and attorneys maximize their profitability and personal freedom through the implementation of 10 distinct systems. Dan is also the author of six books, the host of the Profitable Advisor Podcast, and writer of the Profitable Advisor Newsletter. Although his firm is in Ohio, his systems-oriented approach to business enables him to live 300 miles away in Franklin, TN.

Meet Wes Cuprill

Wes, a.k.a. the Clone (with hair), is the sales, marketing, and systems maestro at Advisor Architect. A graduate of Indiana University, Wes started his career in supply chain management where he developed expertise in business systems and processes. He's brought that same expertise with him to Advisor Architect, helping financial advisors and attorneys run efficient, profitable practices.